Compton is influenced by music from the 1940's through to the 1960's and is known for her throwback style. Her lyrics often refer to empowerment or conversely , the loss of love and are often delivered in a private and haunting fashion. Her trademark wistful, deep and whispery voice conveys a palette of emotion from longing and regret to freedom and nostalgia.

Compton's ever present storytelling and emotive song writing style has been compared to world class artists such as Kate Bush, Madonna, Lana Del Ray and Janis Joplin. Dusted with subtext and entwined with what seems like mournful personal narratives, Fanni keeps her sound intimate, grounded, raw and honest.

With her Debut EP, Happy Never After, released in early 2019, Compton is already getting ready to release a series of  singles later this year where she stretches creatively out of her patented soul and jazz roots and into more pop informed territory. 

Much like the music she is inspired by, Fanni Compton has already shown her style to be elegant, powerful and individual and as well as recently winning an online 'Best Song' (Rap Genre) Competition, her music will be used in a new short film entitled 'The Making Of Alex' which will be released late 2021.

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Fanni Compton
Fanni Compton